Our suite of programs allows for different levels of customization including bespoke content and company branding

Our Custom and Executive options are flexible and we are available to discuss your specific requirements


A structured, 8 week, pre-designed Program taking you on a journey of development
£ 50 Per Employee. Minimum No. Applies
  • Web/Mobile App access
  • 8-week structured program
  • New content deployed weekly
  • Emotional resilience
  • Leadership skills
  • Surveys & prompts for reflection
  • Basic dashboard reporting
  • Administrative Support


Customizable Program of content designed by experts, including group reporting
£ POA Per Employee/Team/Cohort
  • Basic program functionality +
  • Customization for specific cohorts
  • Support for development programs
  • Full suite of customizable content
  • Deployment with custom branding
  • Content management permissions
  • Group reporting on teams/cohorts
  • Minimum No. applies


Bespoke content fully supported by our team of Ei World experts as part of a Development Program
£ POA Per Employee/Team/Cohort
  • Custom program functionality +
  • Customized to Executive Leaders
  • Supports org. development
  • Supports team development
  • One-to-one confidential debriefs
  • Team dialogue sessions
  • In-app conversation function
  • Expert program delivery & support