STARS is a tool for human transformation

Designed to focus on what matters to your organization’s success. Built by experts in psychology, health and team effectiveness.

Our 5-step process puts the user in the driver’s seat.

Elevating your people to perform at their best….

Put the learners in the driving seat

STARS takes users on a journey of development, focusing on the behaviors that matter to your success.

STARS in five steps

1. Surveys

Develop self-awareness of current strengths and areas for change — with guided observation and reflection on own situation and role models who are good at a particular skill.

2. Tactics

Learn, practice and hone specific behaviours and approaches that will elevate well-being and effectiveness in everyday work life. 

3. Aspirations

Connect everyday goals and contributions to a larger vision, based on highest aspirations — in all areas of life. 

4. Regeneration

Reflect and focus on fundamental areas of regeneration, going deeper than simple tactics  to unlock a higher felt sense of fulfilment.

5. Space

Make time to explore deeper topics: understanding life experiences and patterns that have shaped you so far, to enable you to operate as your best self.

STARS values

The STARS app and team operate without compromise according to our shared values:


As demonstrated in thirty years spent in confidential dialogue with leaders and teams, we operate with a strong moral compass and set of professional ethics.

Security of Data

Each individual’s inputs and data are treated as confidential and are protected according to GDPR best practices.

Holistic Health

STARS invites the user to consider their physical, mental, spiritual and social elements of their lives, based on the premise that these factors affect overall health. 


We deliver content that matters — based on our research and experience — and that facilitates constructive and positive reflection.